Custom Demographics Radius Reports

Pick your own radius values between 0.25 and 100 miles in quarter-mile increments, to create a demographic report specific to your needs.

A "radius report" shows the demographics of a population living in a circular area defined by a centerpoint -- a street address, intersection, or GPS co-ordinates -- and a radius value expressed in miles. For example, a radius value of 5 miles with centerpoint at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will give demographics for persons and households within five miles of the White House.

A "Custom" radius report is based on three radius values supplied by the user. You may specify values between 0.25 and 100 miles in quarter-mile increments. This report is for users who need demographic data for less than a 1/4 mile or more than 5 miles.

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One -Time Report

1 report for a single location


One report for a single centerpoint. Recommended package if you do not anticipate needing reports for additional locations or reports with non-standard radii. Upgrade to an UNLIMITED Subscription at any time and receive a credit of $175.00 toward its purchase.

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30 Day Subscription*

Unlimited reports during 30 day period


This option allows you unlimited customer radius reports for 30 days.

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90 Day Subscription*

Unlimited reports during 90 day period


This option allows you to produce an UNLIMITED number of custom reports for a period of 90 days using any three Custom radii.

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One Year Subscription*

Unlimited reports during one year period


Same as the the 90 day option except that the UNLIMITED offer extends for a full year.

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*All subscription products are automatically renewed monthly, quarterly or yearly. Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime. Your subscription will remain active until the conclusion of the purchase term.

Give potential real estate clients
a wide angle view.

Provide them with something special, show them demographics specific to the property location.

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Population Data

To have a successful business, you must know your audience — your local population metrics — inside and out.

  • Age — Is your market mostly college-aged, in their 30s, 40s, or 50s?
  • Sex — Learn which target markets are predominantly male or female
  • Race — Discover the ethnicity landscape of your area
  • Marital Status — Single, married or divorced
  • MORE than 300+ data points available
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Housing Data

If you’re a real estate agent, property investor and franchisee business that targets home owners, the data points in our reports can provide the the insight you need to determine the markets potential. Our housing reports contain more than 300+ data points!

  • Household Average Size — Average number of kids per household
  • Household Type — Single family home, apartment, condo, etc.
  • Average Age of Homes — Newer neighborhood or aging subdivisions
  • Mortgage Status — Is there many foreclosures or do people pay on time
  • House Value - How much are houses worth in the area
  • Rental vs Ownership
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Economic Data

Every neighborhood has economic pulse. It’s important to potential homeowners and businesses alike to understand what the economic activity is and how they can benefit. Economic activity can give you the big picture before investing in a new franchise or becoming a new home owner.

  • Household Income — How much disposable income do they have for your products or services?
  • Travel Time to Work — How long are people spending in travel each day?
  • Number of Vehicles
  • Occupation — Professional services, Manufacturing, or Agriculture, what drives the local economy

What is Main Street Reports?

Main Street Reports has made demographic reporting for the real estate market easy. Forget trying to source population data from this website and that website. We’ve already done the heavy lifting pulling together the US Census data and American Community Survey (ACS). Don’t understand spreadsheets, calculations, formulas, ugh. Don’t waste time searching for how to do this or that, we’ve taken care of it. Our demographic reports are loaded with summaries, percentages and line items. Everything you need.